Our Application


Below are some examples of systems treated by Scale-off:

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Condensers
  • Water Heaters
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Sea Water Cooling Circuits
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • General Cooling Circuits
  • Cooling Towers
  • Mixing Valves


SCALE OFF can be very gainfully installed in condensing type thermal power plants. Typically, a 1000 MW power plant would require approximately 98000 M3 of water per day, much of which is wasted resulting in higher operating costs for the plant. SCALE OFF offers a huge saving potential by way of:

  • Saving this precious water.
  • Improving the Plant Load Factor (PLF) by optimizing condenser vacuum thus resulting in higher
  • power generation with better efficiency.
  • Reducing the plant down time required for condenser cleaning.

As one might expect, with millions of liters of circulating (cooling) water flowing through the condenser tubes, anything that is contained within the water and flowing through the tubes, can ultimately end up either on the condenser tube-sheet or within the tube itself. Tube side fouling for surface condensers is caused mainly due to SCALING, which are crystalline forms of Calcium and Magnesium salts.
Depending on the extent of this fouling, the impact can be quite severe on the condenser's ability to condense exhaust steam coming from the turbine. As fouling builds up within the tubing, an insulating effect is created and the heat transfer characteristics of the tubes are diminished requiring the turbine to be slowed to a point where the condenser can handle the exhaust steam produced. Typically, this can be quite costly to power plants in the form of reduced output, increased fuel consumption and increased CO2 emissions. This "de-rating" of the turbine to accommodate the condenser's fouled or blocked tubing is an indication that the plant needs to clean the tubing in order to regain the turbine's rated capacity.


Higher exhaust pressure i.e. lower vacuum, increases the steam consumption in the turbine, keeping all other operating parameters constant. Exhaust pressure lower than that specified, will reduce the steam consumption and improve the turbine efficiency. Similarly exhaust vacuum lower than that specified, will lower the turbine efficiency and increase the steam consumption.
Figures below represent the effects of exhaust vacuum on steam consumption and turbine efficiency respectively, keeping all other factors constant for the condensing type turbine.

... 1. Effect of exhaust vacuum on steam
... 2. Effect of exhaust vacuum on turbine

consumption in condensing type turbine efficiency in condensing type turbine

These figures also indicate that an improvement in exhaust vacuum by 0.014 Kg/cm , reduces the steam consumption in the turbine by about 1.1% and improves in turbine efficiency significantly from 0.24% to 0.4%.

Our Installation



Advantages of using SCALE OFF are listed below:

  • Condensate (Sugar & Distillery) / Spent lees can be directly used in cooling tower as makeup water without treating it further in C.P.U. (Condensate Polishing Unit).
  • Direct use of RO Reject & Raw Water in CT [Cooling Tower] as make up water.
  • Cooling tower will be operated at higher COC of 15-20 resulting in almost NIL blow down.
  • Reduced blow down and use of effluent quality water will reduce water Consumption thus reduced water wastage & reduced water pollution.
  • Higher COC & Use of effluent quality water in cooling tower as makeup water will lead to reduced load to MEE or use of MEE can be eliminated.
  • No need to use Soft water & anti-scalant chemicals in cooling tower.
  • Permanent relief from formation of Hard water scaling in tubes of Condensers & other heat exchangers.
  • Due to scale free condition in condenser; recovery and quality of spirit/ENA is improved.
  • Increase in overall production from Distillery Unit because of better recovery of spirit/ENA and as no shutdown of the plant is required for de-scaling of condenser.
  • No mechanical or chemical de-scaling required for condenser & other coolers; leading to improved plant and machinery life.
  • SCALE OFF has zero operating and maintenance expenses (no electrical power and no spares) and hence is a truly FIT & FORGET equipment.

Our Installation


Total elimination of hard water Scale in the cooling system of Refrigeration plant by installation of our SCALE OFF Equipment.

Our Equipment SCALE OFF has been established in the market to give the following savings in Refrigeration plant / cooling tower operation.

  • Zero Scale in condensers.
  • Optimum Head Pressure maintained in Refrigeration plant.

SCALE OFF Equipment is an online equipment which is fitted just before water cooled condensers/ Heat Exchangers.

A brief description given below, will easily establish the benefits that can be achieved by installing SCALE OFF:

  • Anti-scaling chemicals are not required in cooling water.
  • Descaling of heat exchangers is not required.
  • No Softening plant is required.
  • No shutdown of plant is required for cleaning of condenser / heat exchanger’s tubes, In conventional water treatment system shut down of plant is required frequently to clean the tubes Chemically / Mechanically, as the case may be.
  • Cost of manpower, Chemicals and Loss of production for a large number of days due to shutdown is saved every year.
  • Due to repeated cleaning of the hard scales in tubes with rod & acid, the tube surface becomes weak and prone to leakages. Any leak in condenser/cooler causes shutdown of plant and adds cost of replacing tubes.
  • Head pressure in Refrigeration plant remains maintained which gives Considerable savings of electricity.
  • Due to scale free system, optimum approach is maintained thus plant runs at optimum efficiency.

Our Installation